Why Staycations Are The New Vacation

08 Jul 2022

There is no denying that people love to holiday abroad, however with all the hustle and bustle of travelling not all vacations can feel like relaxing experiences. 

Holidays abroad are nice but if there was a better way to make use of your time, would you do it? Well, there is. It’s called becoming an owner at Maguires Country Parks!

Before jetting off on holiday, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes hand in hand with it. Normally, a vacation requires months of planning, air travel, jet lag, and the gruelling task of packing and unpacking.

Over the last few years in particular, many of us have realised that holidaying in the UK is easy, enjoyable and incredibly relaxing. Plus, with several beautiful locations to choose from at Maguires Country Parks, why wouldn’t you?

Here’s why staycations are the new vacation.

New experiences are just around the corner

It’s easy to overlook the attractions that are right on our doorstep because sometimes we get caught up looking for bigger and better experiences that are more expensive. However, if you make the effort to explore areas closer to home you might surprise yourself!

The North East and North Yorkshire, where our stunning country parks are situated, are home to many historic buildings, museums, nature parks, farms, shops and restaurants, walking trails and breathtaking countryside locations you have probably never seen or heard of.

Staycations take the stress out of travel

If you are an anxious traveller, minimising stress caused by travel could be made easier with your own holiday home at one of our family-friendly country parks in Northumberland, County Durham or North Yorkshire.

You don’t have to experience the tedious process of airports and flying, queues at passport control and baggage restrictions as well as the waiting around and potential delays.

You don’t have to plan as far in advance

Nothing is better than realising you have a surprise free weekend. When this happens, hopping in the car and making your way to your beautiful holiday home couldn’t be more simple.

With a staycation, things can be as last minute and stress-free as you make them. Having impromptu short trips can be much more enjoyable than saving for months and waiting impatiently for a long haul to arrive.

Spend time with local family and friends

Everyday life can be hectic. Juggling careers, looking after the kids, and paying bills as well as finding the time to relax and unwind with loved ones can be a challenge.

When you organise a staycation, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy extended quality time with your close family and friends. Leave work behind and discover the endless fun to be had with your nearest and dearest, making memories that count!

Every season is staycations season

Summer holidays are great but with your own holiday home you have the chance to get away at any time of the year! What’s better than that?

All of our country parks are open 12 months of the year, so whether you are looking to hire a touring pitch or visit your holiday home, it’s not a problem because we are always in season.

Spending time at your holiday home can be a wonderful experience no matter when you decide to come. Enjoy an early morning cuppa from your decking during summer or snuggle up in winter to watch a Christmas film with a slice of festive Stollen!

We believe that we have the best touring pitches and holiday homes in the whole of the UK, so why not pop down and see what we’re talking about? 

Get in touch with a member of our team to arrange a site visit.

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