Residential or Leisure Parks: What’s the Difference?

When searching for your perfect holiday or residential park home within the UK, distinguishing between residential parks and leisure (or holiday) parks is vital. With the recent spotlight on the industry’s challenges, it’s essential to navigate your path with a trusted partner. Maguires Country Parks is devoted to trust and transparency and has been for over 40 years, guiding you through every step with the highest ethical standards, clear communication, and ensuring you’re making the right choice for you.

A Permanent Haven

Residential Parks

At the heart of the tranquility and beauty of the UK’s countryside, residential parks offer a serene lifestyle within a supportive community. These parks are specifically licensed for permanent living, making them your primary, year-round home. Key characteristics to look out for include:

Age Restrictions

Most residential parks, including those within the Maguires portfolio, cater to individuals over the age of 45, creating a peaceful environment for those at a similar stage in life.

Legal Tenure

Homes in residential parks come with a Virtual Freehold, meaning you own the home outright. While the land is leased, this arrangement offers stability and security, akin to traditional homeownership, without the complexities of a mortgage.

Community Living

Tailored for tranquility and companionship, residential parks foster a community spirit among residents, enriched by shared experiences and a common lifestyle preference.

Protection Under Law

Governed by the Mobile Homes Act, these homes provide residents with substantial legal protections, including rights related to the sale and inheritance of the home.

Seasonal Joy

Leisure Parks

Leisure parks serve as the perfect escape for those seeking a holiday retreat. While these parks can offer year-round access, they are not intended for permanent residence. Distinctions to look out for include:

Holiday Use Only

These parks are designed for leisure and cannot be used as a primary dwelling. Owners are required to have a main residence elsewhere.

Leasehold Nature

The tenure for holiday homes typically comes with a fixed term, reflecting their intended use as temporary getaways.

Recreational Facilities

Embracing the essence of holiday living, leisure parks boast facilities and amenities that cater to leisurely pursuits, enhancing the holiday experience.

Assurance, Trust, and Transparency with Maguires Country Parks

In the wake of concerns around unethical practices within the industry, at Maguires Country Parks, we pride ourselves on trust, ethics, transparency and never misselling. Our commitment to you includes:

Transparency and Honesty

We ensure that every potential buyer understands the nature of the park or pitch they are interested in, be it residential or leisure. Clarity on permissions and restrictions is provided upfront, safeguarding you from misconceptions and potential legal complications.

Ethical Practices

The recent scrutiny of the industry underlines the importance of choosing a partner who values ethics and customer care. Maguires stands firmly against the practices of unscrupulous sellers, ensuring your investment is safe, sound, and suited to your aspirations.

Quality Assurance

Whether opting for a residential or leisure park home, Maguires guarantees homes built to the highest standards. Residential homes conform to BS3632, ensuring they are fit for year-round living, while our leisure homes are designed for comfort and style, adhering to the same high standards of construction.

We Care

Before and Beyond the Sale

Choosing Maguires Country Parks is not merely about purchasing a holiday home or a new permanent address; it’s about embracing a lifestyle supported by values and community. We guide you through:

Nathan (left), Gilbert (middle) and Billy (right) from Maguires Country Parks

Understanding Your Options

With a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, our team ensures you are well-informed about your potential home’s legal and practical aspects.

A Commitment to Satisfaction

Our after-sales support and community engagement mean that your journey with us continues well beyond the purchase, with a team dedicated to your happiness and well-being.

Finding the Right Homes Since 1981

Over 40 Years of Trust

As you navigate the choices between a holiday retreat and a residential haven, let Maguires Country Parks guide you on the road to you dream residential or holiday home, we’ve been trusted by our residents since 1981 and our parks have always offered more than just a place to stay; they offer a gateway to a lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, underscored by peace, quality, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, trust and ethical practices.

For more information or to begin your journey with us, contact our team. We promise to go over and above current regulations and BH&HPA recommendations to ensure all Maguires owners feel well informed, cared for, and protected. We’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, find their dream home for over 40 years, so start making memories with Maguires.

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