Tips For Planning A Budget-Friendly Touring Break

27 Jul 2023

A touring break at our caravan parks in Northumberland is a great way to enjoy a budget-friendly holiday, especially when you plan a little in advance. With our spacious touring pitches, enjoying a road trip getaway has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Travelling on a budget can be tricky when it comes to hitting the road for the season. However, with a little planning and some thought, there are ways you can keep costs down while still enjoying a memorable holiday.

Choose casual touring 

Naturally, peak season costs more when it comes to everything. If you’re not precious when you travel throughout the year, casual touring in the off-season months will cost less and also be less busy, if you prefer more time to yourself!

Plan ahead

Planning ahead helps you to get ahead and have more time to hunt out good deals on attractions you wish to visit and events you would like to attend.

Booking and paying in advance is normally always the best way to save yourself some money. However, that being said, sometimes last minute deals can offer great prices too, but at least you have the option to decide!

We regularly have touring booking offers on our website.

Eat like a local

Northumberland offers some of the best choices for food and drink. Keep an eye out for where the locals choose to dine because these places are likely to offer the most authentic food at reasonable prices.

Ord House Lounge Bar & Grill at Ord House Country Park and Prince William Bar & Grill at Forget Me Not Country Park are our on-site pubs. Offering great value for money, tasty meals and refreshing drinks, they’re also both a great spot for socialising or relaxing.

Self catering

Understandably, dining out can get expensive and it is definitely cheaper to cook for yourself. 

If you’re travelling in a caravan then you will likely have your own on board facilities for cooking. Head to the supermarket and buy small quantities of food to ensure nothing goes to waste and remains fresh for when you are ready to cook your next family meal.

Find free activities

In Northumberland there are a surprising amount of free activities and things to do. 

Take time to enjoy the great outdoors and the breathtaking scenery and nature that the countryside has to offer. There are endless walking trails to enjoy for free and you could always pack a picnic to keep costs down rather than grabbing food on the go.

There are also incredible coasts and forests, stunning gardens as well as historical sites to discover that don’t cost a single penny.

Pack all the touring essentials 

Making sure you have everything you need packed already will save you money. After all, anything you’ve left at home that is essential to your trip is only going to cost!

Are you looking to enjoy a touring break at our caravan parks in Northumberland? Get in touch today and we will be happy to help you arrange this.

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