Residential Lodges For Sale: Your Questions Answered

12 Feb 2024

Imagine waking up every day surrounded by the blissful sights and sounds of nature, relaxing as you get used to a new lifestyle of easy maintenance one-level living in the heart of a caring, close-knit community. Picture yourself enjoying the wonderful sense of wellbeing that springs from embracing a simpler yet more luxurious lifestyle. It’s no wonder those listings showing “residential lodges for sale” catch the eye of so many!

The perfect combination of simplicity and comfort makes permanent residential lodge living a compelling prospect. But is lodge living the idyllic retreat it promises to be? Could permanent “Parklife” be the right lifestyle choice for you? 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the critical aspects of choosing a lodge as a home. Whether you’re considering downsizing, seeking a peaceful retirement haven, want to join a like-minded community of over 45s, or are simply curious about this lifestyle, and what really lies behind the lure of those “residential lodges for sale” ads, our guide provides the essential insights you need to inform your decision.  

So, let’s discover if lodge living on a residential country park aligns with your dream of a perfect home. 

Is it worth buying a lodge to live in? 

  • Lifestyle Choice: Residential lodges for sale often offer a serene, nature-centric lifestyle, which can be very appealing for those seeking tranquillity or the security of a community of like-minded individuals. 
  • Amenities and Facilities: Depending on the park, lodges may come with access to various amenities like maintenance services, leisure facilities, and social activities. 
  • Downsizing Option: For those looking to downsize, especially post-retirement, a lodge can offer a more manageable space and potentially lower living costs. 
  • Dual home option: For those living part of the year abroad but wanting to keep a proper foothold and permanent address in the UK, a lock-up and leave residential lodge or park home can be an attractive possibility. 
  • Cost: While potentially cheaper than traditional homes, residential lodges for sale can still be a significant investment. Additionally, there are ongoing costs like site fees, maintenance, utilities, and possibly park management fees. 
  • Rules and Regulations: Living in a lodge often comes with specific park rules and community standards which need to align with your lifestyle if you want to enjoy a happy parklife. 

Can I permanently live in a lodge? 

  • Legal Restrictions: Some lodges are only designated for holiday use and not as a primary residence. Ensure the lodge is in a park properly licensed for permanent residential use. ‘Year-round’ or ‘12 month opening’ are not sufficient if your plan is to make your residential lodge your main home or permanent residence, its essential the park has permanent residential status. 
  • Proof of Main Residence: You might need to provide proof of another main residence, for example being registered for council tax if the park is not licenced for permanent residential use. 

How long do residential lodges last? 

  • Construction Quality: Modern residential lodges for sale are well-built and can last several decades if properly maintained. The lifespan of a residential lodge typically ranges from 40 to 70 years, depending on the build quality and maintenance. 
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep is crucial. Issues like damp, insulation, and general wear and tear need attention to be sure of prolonging the life of the residential lodge. For more detailed information on specific brands and models of residential lodges its worth searching owners’ forums and feedback sites. 

Do residential lodges hold their value? 

  • Depreciation: Unlike traditional homes, where value is dictated by demand and the rising market, lodges can depreciate over time. The rate of depreciation varies based on location, maintenance, and the age of the residential lodge or holiday lodge. 
  • Market Demand: The resale value of lodges and static caravans is also influenced, to some extent, by the demand for lodges in the surrounding area, the management of the park and the park’s reputation, and the amenities offered. It may also be affected by the availability of alternative over 45 accommodations for example bungalows or garden flats in the local area. 
  • Location: Lodges in sought-after locations or prestigious parks might well keep their value far better than others, so it’s worth paying careful attention to the park itself and to the surrounding area and the types of housing available locally.  

Buying residential lodges for sale can be a worthwhile investment for those seeking a specific lifestyle, but it’s important to be aware of the financial implications, legalities, and long-term considerations. Thorough research and understanding the specifics of the lodge and park regulations are crucial before making a decision. 

Browse our residential park homes here or get in touch for more information.  

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