Ord House Country Park: Unveiling Park Secrets

01 Jun 2020

Whether you know it or not, our parks are full of surprises. From different awards and a fascinating history – we’d like to share it all with you! Starting with Ord House Country Park, here are just a few park secrets that you should know…

We have won a David Bellamy award 

If you’ve been to Ord House Country Park in the past then you would already know that we are surrounded by a lot of nature and wildlife; conservation is certainly a big thing for us. It is estimated we have around 100 square metres of wildflowers growing undisturbed in and around our park! 

To preserve and continuously grow wildlife around Ord House, we plant flowers and trees all year round. And if you adore planting too, we also have a greenhouse on site for all of you with a green thumb. 

We have been noticed for protecting and enhancing Britain’s natural environment so well that we even won a David Bellamy conservation award for it! In order to win a David Bellamy award, your park must do the following:

  • Manage the land as a haven for wildlife
  • Reduce use of energy, water and other resources
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle the waste we produce
  • Support local communities

We take part in the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project 

Another part of the fantastic David Bellamy scheme, and part of the reason we won an award, is that we do the absolute best we can to preserve bees and their habitat. It is our mission to make our park the best environment for them to thrive in. Here at Ord House Country Park, we plant flowering plants all year around, meaning the bees never lack something to feed on. 

For those with a beady eye, you may have also seen our bee hotels scattered around the park, too. This provides them with a place to lay eggs and nest. Who knew that your neighbours at Ord House could be a whole bee family?!

We were given 5* by VisitEngland 

VisitEngland is the national tourist board for England. They are responsible for showcasing the best tourist attractions within our country to established overseas markets, marketing the most beautiful holiday destinations England has to offer. 

Did you know that Ord House Country Park was given 5/5 stars under their quality awards for our park and accommodation? This means that, if you haven’t already, you should definitely come and pay us a visit. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Get in touch today. 

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