Get To Know The Kaims

08 Oct 2021

Shhh…it’s been a while since we shared a secret with you!

This week, we wanted to share the secrets of The Kaims, and bring you a step closer to discovering what makes the park so special as a true escape from reality and a luxury retreat for our visitors.

Nestled among the beautiful beaches of Bamburgh, you will find a 5* country sanctuary so good, that you’ll leave the world behind.

We began calling The Kaims home in 2017 and since then, our holiday homeowners have been making memories at the park ever since.

The Kaims Origins

Ever wondered why we’re called The Kaims? The clue is in the name…the landforms that The Kaims reside on are mounds of sediment that have been deposited along the front of a slowly melting glacier or ice sheet. Over time, sand and gravel has accumulated and left irregular shaped ridges, mounds and even hills! How cool is that?

Infact, The University of Bradford actually conducted an archaeological search in the area back in 2009 and since then, it has been a designated site of specific scientific interest – fancy!

The study uncovered that the landform is in fact called an Esker – a ridge made of sands and gravel deposited by glacial meltwater flowing through tunnels within or underneath glaciers.

So…fast forward to today and The Kaims is stooped in masses of history and archaeological heritage. All the more reason why The Kaims is so special!

Facilities at The Kaims

The minute we received the keys for the park in 2017, mass renovations took place in order to ensure The Kaims was up to the five star standard that Maguires prides itself on.

As well as having a purpose built club-house, complete with a bar and restaurant, The Kaims has numerous green spaces fit for all of the family. Whether you fancy a game of football or playing in the park, we have exactly what you need! Oh, and it’s even a spot for your four-legged friends, as there are glorious dog walking trails bordering all four corners of the park!

We ensure our parks are as safe as holiday homes under the watchful supervision of around the clock security and a full time Park Warden.

Staff at The Kaims

 In our last blog, we introduced you to our wonderful Kaims Grounds team, Liam, Keith, Kyle and Stan. The club-house is run to precision by Colin, Janice and the fabulous Beth who has joined us in the park office. Did we mention our Park Manager, Gilly, too?! The full team is always on hand to ensure the park is delivering excellent service to every guest.

Local Attractions

There’s never a dull moment at The Kaims. In fact, we have some pretty unique beauty spots right on our doorstep. The beautiful Bamburgh Castle overlooks the sandy shores of Bamburgh beach – even more beautiful on a sunny day!

Alnwick Castle is also a short drive from the park and for any Harry Potter lovers out there, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was filmed on location there in autumn 2000! Take some time out from your day and wander through 12 acres of magnificent gardens.

Here at Maguires, we’re proud of our parks and the staff who make them so special. Each park each has their own little slice of history making them all unique in their own way. If you wish to find out any more information about any of our parks, please get in touch today.

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