Northumberland’s Best Kept Secret 

27 Nov 2020

Here at Maguires, we are very passionate about all of our parks. Because each of them are special in their own way, we want you to get to know them each individually.

Today we’re going to tell you a little bit more about Forget Me Not Country Park, including park secrets we’re sure some of the owners here won’t even know about! 

Forget Me Not was born in the 60s 

That’s right. This park was first opened in the Swinging Sixties, the era of flower power and The Beatles! 

Maguires took over Forget Me Not from another family back in 2013. A member of the family says it was like “flicking a switch” because of the new rules that were set in place. Here, Forget Me Not became a ‘country park’ instead of a ‘holiday park’ to meet the Maguires Country Park’s vision. 

With the main building being demolished and the whole park renovated, Forget Me Not was turned into a beautifully well-kept park for the enjoyment of all – a Maguires 5 star makeover. 

The first nightclub in Northumberland was at this park 

We bet this one is a surprise for many of you! Did you know that the main building in the park was known as the first nightclub in Northumberland back in the day? We’ve come a long way since then… don’t you think?

Prince William Bar & Grill was opened by a local MP

In 2016, Ann-Marie Trevelyan opened the Prince William Bar and Grill. It has since become known as the “heart of the park” and is named after a younger member of the Maguires’ family. 

The Bar and Grill is open to the general public too. With two main meals for just £15, the chefs create fantastic collections of homemade meals and, with a well stocked bar, the Bar and Grill is hard to resist. 

Forget Me Not has something for everyone 

Whether you’d like to visit us for the weekend or stay with us for the season in your touring caravan, our 5 five star super touring pitches will not disappoint you on your arrival.

You may fall in love with the park, as so many have, and choose to take advantage of the park’s 12 month license which allows you to get away from it all, whenever you like! Take advantage of your very own holiday home… 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about the incredible park that is Forget Me Not.  If you want to find out more about this park or any other Maguires park, simply get in touch.

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