Caravan Storage Tips & Tricks For Touring

28 Oct 2022

If you’re thinking about setting off on a touring holiday, at Maguires Country Parks we have the very best storage tips and tricks for organising your caravan for a trip away.

Organising a caravan to accommodate all your things can be challenging, especially if you are holidaying for a few weeks. However we have some handy ideas on how to keep your caravan tidy and organised so there’s more time to sit back and relax.

Let’s take a look!

Hang up some hooks

Pre-installing hooks throughout your motorhome can be a lifesaver when it comes to a touring holiday. They can help you use up valuable vertical wall and inside door space and make for some really nifty storage ideas.

Place a hook inside the door and hold keys, jackets, towels, and hats; all the typical everyday things you are likely to use when on holiday. In the kitchen, think about installing hooks for kitchen utensils, cutting boards, bottle openers and tea towels.

The sleeping area cupboards can also feature hooks for dressing gowns, scarves, belts and more.

Clothing storage to make space

Sometimes there just isn’t enough wardrobe storage space in a caravan bedroom for all the things you want to take away. To save space and also time rummaging through a big pile of clothes, add space saving hangers to your wardrobe to make use of vertical space.

Trouser hangers and multi-shirt hangers will help to keep things organised and also crease-free! Drawer dividers are also a great addition to ensure nothing rolls around and stays in its place.

Hassle-free bathroom solutions

Make extra space by putting the toilet brush and spare toilet rolls in one place either by attaching it to the wall. Alternatively, use the stick of the toilet brush as a holder!

The back of the bathroom door or shower door can be a real space saver when it comes to storing toiletries. Over the door storage and shower caddies are great for organising shampoo, conditioner and soaps.

Space saving kitchen storage

Stackable and collapsible items such as storage baskets, washing baskets and bowls will be a huge space saver in cupboards when not in use. Sink covers are also another fantastic method of increasing surface area in the kitchen for preparing meals.

Plus, storing large boxes of cereal and other pantry items can take up a lot of room so why not buy some labelled vertical plastic containers to decant them into?

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