5 Spring Activities To Enjoy in County Durham

01 Mar 2024

5 Spring Activities To Enjoy in County Durham

With spring in the air and the daffodils nodding their sunny heads, County Durham is waking up from its winter nap, and oh my, is it ready to put on a show! If you’re chilling out at our caravan park in Darlington, Newbus Grange, this spring then you’re in the perfect spot to dive into some spring activities in County Durham.

Let’s talk about the top five spring activities that will make your stay in this area absolutely unforgettable.

The Heron at Durham University Botanic Garden

Wander Through the Blooms at Durham University Botanic Garden

Spring is when County Durham throws off its grey winter coat and gets dressed in its colourful best, especially at the Durham University Botanic Garden. Just a stone’s throw from our caravan park in Darlington, this little slice of paradise is bursting with blooms. 

Meander through the exotic plants, marvel at the magnolias, and let the cherry blossoms sprinkle pink magic on your day. It’s a selfie heaven, so make sure your phone’s charged!

Binns Bus at Beamish Museum

Time Travel at Beamish Museum

If you’re a holiday home owner at one of our caravan sites in Darlington, how about a trip back in time? Beamish Museum isn’t just any old museum; it’s a living, breathing, steam-puffing leap into the past. 

Spring is a great time to visit because the place is buzzing with events, from Easter egg hunts to old-timey fairgrounds. Plus, the outdoor nature of the museum means you can soak up the spring sunshine as you explore.

Durham Cathedral View & River

Take a Riverside Stroll in Durham City

Maybe you’ve spent a day relaxing at your holiday home at our caravan park in Darlington and you’re itching for a little adventure. Why not head to Durham City and take a wander along the river? 

The River Wear loops around the city like a hug, and the footpath provides stunning views of Durham Cathedral and Castle. With spring in the air, the banks are a riot of colour, and there is always a relaxing feel. Pack a picnic, grab your comfiest shoes, and off you go!

Seaham Beach

Prepare for a day at Seaham Beach

Who says you need to jet off for a beach day? Seaham Beach, with its dramatic cliffs and sparkling sea, is just a short drive from our caravan sites in Darlington. Spring is the perfect time to visit – it’s not too hot, not too crowded, and if you’re lucky, you might just find a famous Seaham sea glass gem. Plus, the ice cream at Seaham is not to be missed!

Adventure Valley, Durham

Get Your Adrenaline Fix at Adventure Valley

Travelling with kids or just a big kid at heart? Adventure Valley is calling your name. It’s an outdoor and indoor adventure park with everything from go-karts to mini-golf. 

Springtime sees the return of the cute baby animals and nobody can resist that. It’s a stone’s throw from Darlington, making it an easily accessible and fun day out for all.

Wrapping Up

Spring in County Durham is not just a season; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just in it for the ice cream, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re staying at our caravan park in Darlington, you’ve got the perfect base to explore all these amazing activities.

Remember, spring is a time for new beginnings, so why not start a new adventure? If you find a caravan site in Darlington you really love, why not make it a yearly tradition and invest in a holiday home for you and the family. Browse our holiday home range here.

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