World Food Day at Maguires

This week at Maguires, we are travelling around the world to share some really tasty dishes with you. So grab your passport, because we’re jetting off to the Mediterranean, Africa and Mexico to get a taste of some of the best local dishes, all in celebration of World Food Day!

Thanks to our talented chefs, you will be able to come along with us to celebrate too. Each of our three restaurants have added a special dish to their menu to mark the day. These dishes will be available for one weekend only, so get yourselves down to your park’s restaurant as soon as possible!

Don’t worry if you are at one of our parks without a restaurant, these dishes are easy to make at your holiday home and should give you some inspiration on how to celebrate World Food Day in style.

Ord House Lounge Bar & Grill – Mexican Spicy Chicken Fajitas

Ord House is travelling to Mexico this weekend with the addition of this classic dish. This sizzling platter of marinated chicken strips comes with peppers, onions and chillies – served with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and warmed soft tortillas.

Prince William Bar & Grill – Italian Seafood Linguine

Combining two of the key staples of Italian cuisine, Seafood Linguine is an authentic Italian meal. Fresh and flavourful, with a true taste of the Italian coast. *Chef’s kiss*. Treat yourself to a taste of the Med this weekend with a dish that’ll make you feel like you are on the sunny coast of Italy. Pure bliss!

Kaims Country Park – South African Bunny Chow

An iconic South African dish, Bunny Chow is a slow cooked Durban curry medley of chicken with potatoes and spices served in a fresh hollow white bread loaf. This meal is definitely worth trying, so why not spend World Food Day exploring something new? It’s no wonder people from Durban are very proud of this local dish!

When it comes to World Food Day there really are no limits. Whether you’re heading down to one of our park restaurants or cooking something up in your holiday home, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration to try something new this weekend.

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