The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Films

23 Dec 2020

At Maguires Country Parks, we know that when it comes to Christmas, we all have a favourite Christmas film that we watch over and over each year (and a few we will argue aren’t worth the time…)

That’s why we conducted a survey on social media to discover what the nation’s favourite Christmas films are. Read on to see where your favourite ranks.

Which films ranked the lowest?

Starting with number 10, we saw The Red Shoes, followed by The Grinch at number 9. Despite being remade and animated in 2018, it seems this wasn’t enough for people to want to cosy up and watch Dr Seuss’ legendary character.

Next in at number 8 was Love Actually. With the heart-wrenching gifting of Joni Mitchell’s CD over a gold necklace, this isn’t a scene for the fainthearted. Have the tissues at the ready! 

Home Alone took spot number 7, with 2, 3 AND 4, nowhere to be seen (we wonder why…) We have to agree, this film is an absolute classic, but do you agree with where it ranked?

In at number 6 was The Holiday. This 2006 Christmas film is a rollercoaster of emotions and exactly what you need during the festive break. Number 5 was Jack Frost which despite being well loved by the nation, generated icy reviews from critics.

Your must-watch Christmas films

As we near the top spot, it’s starting to get controversial! Elf ranked at number 4, a film that many would call their die-hard festive favourite. Funnily enough, Jack Black actually said Elf was his favourite Christmas film after forgetting he had played a role in The Holiday! 

To be expected, Miracle on 34th Street nabbed one of the top spots at number 3, followed by A Christmas Carol at number 2. Whether it’s The Muppets or a comforting black and white classic, this Charles Dickens’ story is one of your festive favourites. 

The nation’s favourite Christmas film

Drumroll please…

Taking the top spot was It’s a Wonderful Life. Released 74 years ago, it still easily manages to be one of the nation’s favourites each year. We will be shocked if you haven’t seen it already but if not, it’s a necessity for the festive period. The film was also dubbed the best Christmas film ever by Time Out this year – 100% the nation’s favourite!

So, did your favourite make the ranks? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us if you would order these films differently!

If you wish you were cosying up watching films in your holiday home, get in touch with us about your own holiday home for 2021.


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