Residential Living For 2023

16 Dec 2022

If you have been considering alternatives for residential living in 2023, we welcome you to discover our stunning residential parks at Maguires Country Parks.

Perhaps you have been thinking about relocating or selling your property in the new year. If so, we would like to encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer at our luxurious residential parks across Northumberland and County Durham.

Residential living at Maguires Country Parks is an enjoyable experience for all, that’s what we can promise. Constantly surrounded by like-minded people, all aged over 45 and retired or semi-retired, making friends for life is simple.

What’s more, residing at a beautiful park in the countryside puts you at the heart of nature. Enjoy sensational nearby walks and admire breathtaking scenery all with the company of your canine companion because we welcome dogs with open arms at our parks.

Whether you wish to explore preloved or new residential homes in Northumberland or County Durham, we have both. We will help you find the perfect new home that suits your every need.

Equipped with all the essential amenities and appliances you require for luxurious residential life, our five-star homes are the best way to enjoy a new life simply and fuss-free.

You can rest assured that our residential parks are flawlessly maintained throughout the year. Therefore, every time you step out for a breath of fresh air or a brisk walk, you will be greeted by beautiful plants, flowers and immaculate grounds.

So much more awaits in County Durham and Northumberland too; explore hidden gems, visit popular tourist attractions and start making your own traditions in your new home.

We invite you to explore our stunning choice of residential park homes in Northumberland at Ord House Country Park or in County Durham at a choice of Low Carrs Country Park or Hurworth Springs Country Park.

All three parks have their own unique appeal, depending on the type of location you are looking for as well as atmosphere and nearby amenities.

If you are interested, get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a park visit so you can see for yourself how much we can offer you at Maguires Country Parks.

Our family is what makes our country parks extra special. We all share the same dream, to create peaceful and stress-free living with five star quality at extremely good value.

We believe that we have the best residential park homes in the whole of the UK, so why not pop down and see what we’re talking about? 

Get in touch with a member of our team to arrange a site visit or view a residential home of your choice. Come and take a look around and enjoy a new way of living!

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