Wildlife, Nature and Park Photography

15 Jun 2020

It’s no secret that, here at Maguires Country Parks, nature is booming. We are massive believers in the conservation of all wildlife and their habitats, and so our parks have it all! From seasonal flowers and parkland walks, to the birds and bees that like to call our parks home. 

For Nature Photography Day, we decided it was time to tell you more about the life around our parks. And why just tell you, when you can show you with some fabulous photos from our very own holiday home owners and park gardeners. We promise you’ll love them.  

Flower power 

At Maguires Country Parks, we have a dedicated team of gardeners at each and every one of our parks, there to make sure our flowers and plants are healthy and looking beautiful all year round. Not only do they look pretty great, but our bright flowers make our parks the best home for the bees. We’ve even built them bee hotels, so you could call them extended members of each park community! We’re also delighted to have won a David Bellamy award for our conservation of bees and their natural habitat!

And doesn’t it look fab!? Take a look at this photo below taken at Newbus Grange.

Even more wonderful wildlife 

We think we can all agree that a view of fields full of sheep is always a pleasure. Did you know they have an amazing memory and can remember over 50 different fellow sheep?! Incredible stuff. You’ll find these adorable folk around most of our parks.

What a bahhh-eautiful view. Credits to Michael K at Ord House Country Park

If you thought that was a great shot, check out the one below for some more Maguires Country Parks wildlife! A lot of our holiday home owners enjoy a bit of bird-watching, and our parks are the perfect spot! 

Picture-perfect sunsets 

At Maguires, we love a pretty sunset. They often represent the beginning of a calm evening, a reminder to let any cares of the day fade away. To take a moment to relax and enjoy. And you should expect nothing less, when you’re sitting on your decking watching the sunset, with a glass of vino in hand. Chin-chin! 

The picture below is one of our absolute favourites. We think every photo tells a story, and this one tells us that Amanda Q at Forget Me Not is about to have a glorious, picture-perfect evening. 

Did you know, you can now book viewings for holiday homes at all of our parks? No? Well, let’s change that! Fill in our contact form today and one of our team will be in touch.

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