What Makes Our Park Gardens So Wonderful?

19 Aug 2021

At Maguires, we pride ourselves on the upkeep of our glorious park gardens and the beautiful wildlife that also call our parks home. That being said, our gardens would not be half as delightful if not for the hard work of our dedicated team of gardeners that encompass the spirit of Maguires every single day.

If you’ve ever visited our parks, you will know it’s impossible to ignore how beautiful our gardens truly are!

Here are five reasons our park gardens are so wonderful.

We’re award winners!

Earlier this year, we proudly received the David Bellamy Gold Award for ‘Managing the land as a haven for wildlife’. Ord House Country Park is a stellar example of the hard work that goes into upkeeping the acres of parkland. After all, there are 100 square meters of flowers to upkeep, all year round.

We’re status holders!

Not only do we do our bit to protect the flowers and shrubbery that grow at the heart of our parks but we are proud to protect the bees that call our parks home too! We are part of the Honeybee Friendly Park Project by making sure our bee residents always have something to feed on, even in the cooler months.

We’re part of nationwide projects!

We’ve signed up to participate in this year’s ribbon of poppies project. The project aims to create a carpet of beautiful poppies from Lands End to John O’Groats to remember all those killed or wounded in WW1. Let us know if you spot them at your park!

We sell our homegrown produce!

We stock our bee friendly wildflower seeds in selected park receptions and any profits made from these sales go directly to our friends over at The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We are always keen to chat to our residents and guests about all the hard work we are doing to protect the bees.

We’re championing a wildlife initiative!

Across all our parks we’re keen to encourage our visitors to step outside of their park gates and explore the selection of wildlife walks suitable for all of the family. We have dozens of nature walks surrounding our sites and we have even produced our own ‘Kids Pack’ for little ones to explore the benefits of the wildlife and nature you’ll be sure to find as you explore. Make sure to pick yours up!

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