Our Christmas Traditions

03 Dec 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s *almost* time to kick off the festivities! Whether you’re spending time with loved ones or taking time to relax and unwind  – we all hold our traditions close, especially at this time of the year. 

Christmas is our favourite holiday for many reasons… home cooking, exchanging presents, visiting Santa and a cheeky Baileys nightcap. However you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we want to share a few of our traditions with you from the Maguires’ team… covering everything from our Christmas Eve traditions to our Boxing Day must-do’s!

First up we have Emma, and her family Christmas Eve is certainly one that we WISH we were invited to!

“Every Christmas Eve we bake shortbread biscuits using a recipe my nanna gave me. After we have done our baking together we put on our Christmas pyjamas and watch a movie (typically The Muppets Christmas Carol!) Then just before we go to bed, we leave out the cookies we’ve made for Santa” ?

Do you prefer The Muppets Christmas Carol or The Polar Express?

Of course, we have to mention the stress of preparing Christmas dinner. Thank God we’re not the only ones who have forgotten about the roasties in the oven! Ela tells us about her dinner disasters.

“Is it a tradition that something will go wrong with the dinner? For example, have you ever accidentally used coffee as gravy granules or forgotten about the potatoes?”

Have you ever forgotten about your potatoes on Christmas day before? ?️

Sue shared her traditions throughout the month of December. She has a list as long as Santa’s and we want to join in with her festivities! 

“Every year, without fail, we put up our Christmas tree on December 1st and each of our three daughters receives a box full of goodies such as matching Christmas pyjamas, hot chocolate bombs, reindeer dust, fluffy socks, and a cuddly toy. For as long as I can remember, I have always wrapped and placed 24 Christmas books under the tree. Every night, the girls take turns opening a book, and we sit and read the tale before going to bed ?”

What would you prefer in your Christmas Eve box, fluffy socks or new pyjamas? 

Breaking rules on Christmas Eve is also part of the fun! Wayne told us about what they do as a family ❤️

“One of our family traditions is to all sleep in the same room. In violation of the rule that you must be in your own bed for Santa to visit!” 

Is anyone else guilty of doing this? 

Finally, we asked Beth what her family traditions are when it comes to tree decorating ⭐

“We decorate the tree together at our house. Every year, we take turns putting the star on top of the tree. Whoever placed the star on the tree gets to make a wish. My little sister claims that it has been ‘her turn’ for at least the last 5 years!”

Putting the star on the tree is our favourite part! Do you agree? 

A big thank you to the Maguires staff that shared their lovely family memories! We love hearing about your Christmas traditions over the festive period. Share your traditions on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can’t wait to hear them. 


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