Local Attractions To Visit This Spring

13 Apr 2021

This year, spring comes hand in hand with a bunch of things to look forward to, including the opening of some fantastic attractions which surround our parks in North Yorkshire, Northumberland and County Durham. 

So, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best attractions to visit this spring. Whether it’s a lovely day out visiting a castle or something a little more adventurous, we’ve got you covered!  

County Durham adventure

Looking for a day spent exploring some of County Durham’s best sites? We have the perfect day trip for you all.

Barnard Castle is one of the most popular attractions in County Durham, and for a good reason! With a fantastic view over the Tees Gorge, this 12th-century castle isn’t to be missed. We’d recommend buying a ticket before you visit as it’s such a popular attraction and there’s a limit on the number of visitors – we wouldn’t want you to miss out!  

This visit can be paired perfectly with a trip to Egglestone Abbey, perfect for anyone who likes a nice stroll. Sitting only a mile from Barnard Castle, a beautiful 40-minute walk links the two sites. The ruins of this monastery are full of charm and character. Combining Eggleston Abbey and Barnard Castle equals the perfect day out for those at Hurworth Springs, Newbus Grange and Low Carrs

Northern Northumberland 

Alnwick Castle is one of the UK’s most iconic castles, with over 950 years of history. Currently, you can visit for a walk or run, but no activities are open.  However, they’re opening outdoor activities on April 12th, making this a perfect place to visit this spring! 

Enjoy a walk around the castle, visit the courtyard, and if you’re with family, let them have a go at broomstick riding at the iconic film location of Harry Potter.

With so much to do at Alnwick, we cannot recommend this enough, and it’s perfect for Ord House, The Kaims and Forget Me Not.

Thirsk Falconry

The Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre features eagles, kites, hawks, vultures and many other amazing bird species which will be swooping above during your visit. Guided by the bird trainers, you will get to learn all about these magnificent predators. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get the chance to handle them – a real hands-on experience!  

Interested? They’re taking bookings for their experience days in May and looking to reopen for visitors in mid-April. This site is just north of our new park, Swaleside, and is just south of our parks in County Durham!  

Have we missed any of your favourite attractions? Let us know on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and give us a follow while you’re there too. You can find more information on our parks here and ask us any questions on our contact us page.

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