Indoor Activities For Your Holiday Home

30 Oct 2020

The clock’s have gone back, it’s getting darker earlier, and the weather is certainly not getting any warmer! With cold, rainy days becoming more common this brings the opportunity to do more fun things inside your holiday home. 

So, here are a few things you can enjoy in the comfort of your holiday home. You may even pick up a new skill (or two) along the way! 

Bake, bake, bake! 

Did you know that cooking, and baking in particular, is a great stress reliever? Luckily for you, the kitchens in our holiday homes provide the perfect cooking space, so get out your cookbook and baking tin and bake that chocolate cake you and your partner have been craving. 

Whether you’re a first time baker, or Mary Berry herself, baking is a great way to get your hands sticky and have some fun. Oh, and to eat something deliciously homemade in your holiday home, of course. Want to explore what the kitchens in our holiday homes have to offer? See them all here

It’s time to get arty 

There are an unlimited amount of activities you can do when it comes to arts and crafts. Whether you want to start your very own scrapbook, knit yourself a cosy scarf or paint something beautiful for the lounge, you’re sure to find something that suits you. If you need some more inspiration, have a look on here.

Whatever you choose, get those creative juices flowing from the comfort of your holiday home lounge!  Why not have a browse and see what lounge you like best out of all of them?

A holiday home spring autumn clean 

Who says a spring clean always needs to be in spring? With the weather meaning we’re spending more days inside, now is the perfect time for a total holiday home refresh. Why not finally get round to going through your kitchen cupboards and seeing what you really (no, really) need? We all have an “everything” drawer that’s due a clear out! One of the BEST feelings in the world is when you finally get round to doing all those bits and bobs you’ve been meaning to do for months. Now is the time! 

We hope we’ve helped provide some inspiration on just a few of the things you can do in your holiday home as it gets chillier. But, even though the weather can make things a bit gloomy outside, it’s still easy to keep things exciting! 

Want to know more about our holiday homes and what they have to offer? Simply contact us, we’d love to talk! 

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