Best Walking Routes In County Durham

11 Feb 2021

From finding ways to spend the day outside or simply looking to get closer to nature, now is the time when we are all thinking: “where should we go for a walk next?”.  

If you live in County Durham, you’re in luck! Stretching all the way from its stunning Heritage Coast on the North Sea, right into the heart of the North Pennines, there are countless places to go for a good walk. Keep reading to find the perfect place for you! 

Woodland walks in Hamsterley Forest 

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in County Durham’s largest forest. The 2,000 hectares of woodland means that Hamsterley Forest is ideal for those longer walks – a place to completely immerse yourself in as time goes by. 

From wildlife watching, cycling or aimlessly wandering between the trees, different trails and paths means that there is a route for everyone. Did you know, you can also download maps for each path directly from their website?!

They even have picnic areas scattered throughout the forest, and, if you venture in deep enough you might even bump into one of their Gruffalo sculptures

Scenic strolls around Durham Cathedral 

If you’re looking for somewhere with a beautiful view then this is the place you want to visit, Durham Cathedral is a local favourite for a scenic stroll. 

Despite not being able to enter the cathedral at this moment in time, you don’t need to be inside to admire its beauty. It is renowned for its magnificent architecture and stunning location at the heart of the Durham World Heritage Site. 

Find yourself walking along the bank of the surrounding River Wear – you can even capture the perfect photo from the bridge that crosses it! The perfect way to spend your afternoon. 

Hikes on the Durham Heritage Coast 

Explore the landscape of one of the most gorgeous coastlines in England. With its long beaches and rugged cliffs, the view you’ll find at Durham’s Heritage Coast is breathtaking. 

Having won the UK Landscape Award, the Heritage Coast is recognised internationally as a magnificent walking route. The coast is home to some of the most natural woodland in North East England as well as animals like deer, foxes, badgers and bats. So, put on your hiking boots and follow the 14km coastal path for a walk you will never forget! 

At Maguires Country Parks, we have both holiday and country homes near these beautiful locations. Want to find out more? Then get in touch with us! 


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