How Maguires Look After Their Wildlife

23 Apr 2021

Here at Maguires, we take looking after our residents very seriously, and when we say residents, we don’t just mean our holiday home owners – we mean all the fantastic wildlife that surrounds our parks! 

We’ve even won an award for it 

That’s right! We’re extremely proud of the David Bellamy Gold award we have won for ‘managing the land as a haven for wildlife’. Pretty snazzy if you ask us.

Ord House Country Park is the perfect example of how we preserve wildlife and make sure we are continuously creating the best possible environment for them. Did you know that we are busy growing plants and trees all year round? We now have around 100 square metres of flowers because of it!

What’s more, we even have a greenhouse at the park where we grow our own plants. In fact – the whole community here at Ord House have contributed to creating the wonderful environment that we’re ever so proud of.

We take part in the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project 

We are extremely proud of having bee-friendly parks and taking part in the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project! Over the years, our efforts to preserve the bee population by planting flowers has helped them flourish (after all, we did say we look after our residents well). 

For those of you at Ord House, you may have even spotted the bee hotels we have scattered around the park, the perfect place for them to nest. Some of your neighbours are a lot smaller than you probably imagined! 

There is a whole Tourist Information Centre dedicated to our wildlife 

Another one for our Ord House residents! Here you’ll find a whole area dedicated to showing people how seriously we take our wildlife. 

Why not pick up one of our maps to explore where each bird box, bee hotel or hedgehog box is around the park with the family?! There’s even bird spotting and wildlife quiz packs for the kids to take away and enjoy – the perfect activity for a sunny day.

Want to know more about what we do to look after our wildlife? Have a look at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on all the amazing projects we take part in. 

You can also get in touch with us, we’re more than happy to answer any queries. 

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