Focus on: Bamburgh

20 Mar 2020

Focus on: Bamburgh

In this month’s blog we focus on Bamburgh, a beautiful coastal town in the heart of Northumberland, and home to The Kaims Country Park. Aside from its miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and breathtaking hills, Bamburgh is steeped in history and folklore. The iconic Bamburgh Castle overlooks what was once the historic capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. The castle is a grade 1 listed building, considered one of the finest in the United Kingdom and known as ‘the King of Castles’.

Bamburgh Castle is open to visitors all year round and hosts a variety of events. It is a must see for anybody staying at The Kaims Country Park.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Bamburgh is more that just it’s castle however. A perfect juxtaposition of coastline and countryside, the walking in this part of the country is excellent. Nearby locations such as Craster, Alnwick and Seahouses are all excellent stop off points for visitors. Lindisfarne or Holy Island is another must see for visitors. Known as the birthplace of Christianity in Britain, in 635AD Saint Aidan came from Iona and chose to found his monastery here.

An unspoiled, historic island, Lindisfarne is home to just 160 people, yet sees an influx of 650,000 visitors each year. The island is accessed by a paved causeway which is covered twice by the North Sea every 24 hours, so be sure to check the tide tables in the carpark before you venture across.

Lindisfarne is a peaceful and tranquil island and home to the remote Northern conservation area. Full of historical sites, including St Aidan’s Church, The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin and the burial ground of St Cuthbert, who died on the nearby Farne Islands. Holy Island is also home to a number of shops and boutiques selling crafts and delicious local produce such as Lindisfarne Meade. Worth a try while you are on the island as long as you are not the designated driver!

The Kaims Country Park

To discover more about The Kaims Country Park and the area of Bamburgh, visit The Kaims Country Park page on our website. You can also join The Kaims Country Park on Facebook by clicking here:

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