Don’t let the rain ruin your caravan holiday!

20 Mar 2020

On most holidays, the heavens opening and raining down can put a real dampener on your break and can leave you stuck indoors with nothing to do and a long day ahead. The opposite is true when you have a caravan holiday home on a Maguires Country Park: with the highest quality interior and accommodation, your rainy-day possibilities are endless! Here, we collate some of the most popular pastimes for grey days where you’d rather not step outside.

Invite the neighbours over

Our parks have a real community spirit between our Holiday Home Owners and staff. The fully-equipped kitchens in the holiday homes mean you can still enjoy good old-fashioned home cooking even when out of your main residence. What better way to stay in than to invite the neighbours over and enjoy dinner and drinks? With any luck, they’ll return the favour next time the weather turns!

Go to the bar

A rainy day is the perfect time to make use of Prince William Bar & Grill at Forget Me Not Country Park or Maguires Bar & Grill at Ord House Country Park. Enjoy a bite to eat, a drink or just socialise in the bar. Others on the Park will be in the same position as you, so the poor weather may prove to be the perfect opportunity to get to know others better.

Play games!

We’re not talking hide and seek, of course, but rather family board games and jigsaws. Get the whole family together and spend some quality time over a board game. Perhaps don’t pick monopoly if you’re overly competitive, but stick to something that’ll instead bring laughter and form great holiday memories… without bankrupting your opponents.

Read, write, create

We all have something we’ve always intended to do but never quite got around to starting. With going outside not an option, you can stop your procrastination and get ‘doing’! Read the book that’s spent months on your bedside table, write the letter you’ve been meaning to write or start painting the scenery you so love in better weather. Even if you wouldn’t normally classify yourself as a ‘creative’, now’s a great time to give it a go.


Whilst holidays are often taken with the intention of getting some well-needed rest, it can easily become the case that your days end up meticulously planned with trips and tasks, and you actually find yourself doing more than you would if you were at home. Avoid this for the day and instead just really chill out – take a duvet day, watch films in your pyjamas or potter around your caravan. Your rainy day can be relaxing if you let yourself relax.

If you’d like to have a holiday home that can see you through all weather and seasons, speak to the Maguire’s Team today. We’re happy to chat, give advice and help you find your dream holiday home!

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