3 Things You Need To Know About Newbus Grange

19 Mar 2021

We’ve told you all about our new park,  the whole family history of Ord House and even unveiled the amazing secrets of Forget Me Not. We don’t like favouritism here at Maguires, so it’s about time we tell you about another one of our parks Newbus Grange

Newbus made a newspaper headline in 1812 

For something that wouldn’t be the first thing to spring to mind… 

200 years ago, the south of Durham specialised in breeding Ox. One of them grew so big and became so popular, its picture was produced as a souvenir for visitors. It was officially named the Newbus/Durham Ox

You weren’t expecting that one, where you? 

A few different families have lived at Newbus Grange 

The Newbus estate was bought for only £8,500 by Captain Robert Allison. A whopping £27,000 was spent on remodelling, particularly on adding the Gothic façade that makes it so impressive today.

After Robert unluckily (but unsurprisingly) went bankrupt, Newbus was  bought by Captain Charles Hylton Joliffe: a hunter, shooter and fisherman. 

Charles planted a line of apple trees along the riverbank that still stand today – the literal family tree of Newbus was born! Aside from the riverbank, there are also many fruit trees on site to keep an eye out for. Fun fact: the grounds also had extensive rose gardens, which is why the Newbus Country Park logo has a rose on it! 

In 1920 came Captain Sydney Riley-Lord, mayor of Newcastle and new owner of Newbus. Drowning in wealth, him and his family installed a swimming pool, tennis courts, a croquet lawn and a squash court. Alright for some, eh? 

As well as a country park, Newbus was once a hotel and care home 

After the Captain’s death, Newbus became a country house hotel in the 1970’s – the same time the grounds became a holiday park! The hotel closed in 2002 and the building was sold for a staggering £890,000. 

The manor house turned into a care home in 2004, and at the same time, the Maguires family purchased the surrounding holiday park. Did you know? The manor house is believed to have been built all the way back in 1610, made from boulders from the surrounding river. Overall, the care home was considered an “idyllic place to live”. 

Where does Newbus Grange Country Park come into all this, you ask? Well, the park first came to life in 2004 as the surrounding grounds of what used to be the Newbus care home. Still an idyllic place to be, if you ask us! 

Here at Maguires, we’re so proud to own parks with such a fascinating history. If you wish to find out more about any of them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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